Appraisal Software

Performance Appraisal Software

Setting Goals & Processing Performance Review Simplified

Employees can easily scan receipt with smartphone and the expense data will be automatically populated. Quick and Easy process! Approving manager will be able to view the claim details and supporting documents via the web browser or mobile app.


Performance Appraisal Software for Small Business

Even small businesses need to perform evaluation to their employees. Our Performance Appraisal Software helps to simplify the process by going paperless and offer features that make it easy to track employee performance and see where there’s room for improvement.

Employee Performance Evaluation Software Features

Our E-Appraisal Software supports up to a three-level approval structure, allows for different types of customizable appraisal templates, and final approved appraisals automatically updated in the HR Software & Payroll Software.


  • Access to online appraisal form and perform self evaluation.
  • Receive invitation, notification and reminder to complete their appraisals.
  • Keep track of feedback and specific goals.

Approving Officers

  • First Level & Second Level Approving Officers can evaluate their staff's appraisal forms
  • Able to input marks for the categories
  • Able to make their final recommendation for increment, bonus, promotion etc
  • Allowed to view their department's employees appraisal only
  • Able to access the reports to view their own employee's appraisal details only

HR Managers

  • Can create new appraisal templates and assign to the respective staff
  • Can approve / edit the appraisal recommendations
  • All appraisal approval recommendations will be sent to the HR Manager for final approval
  • Able to view details of appraisal for all employees
  • Able to create new, edit & delete employee details
  • Able to assign the rights for the approving Officers

Performance Appraisal Software Made Appraisal Smarter

Web-based software which covers the end-to-end process of a staff appraisal. With Info-Tech Hong Kong's Performance Appraisal Software, it makes appraisal creation, allocation, approval and recommendation easier, faster, and smarter for both the staff and the managers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, employee can view the results of their appraisal under My Appraisal in the Performance Appraisal System.

You have to create the appraisal template and then assign it to the respective employees. For self appraisal, the employee can just login to the Appraisal system, fill up the form and submit accordingly.

You may view the performance of the employees based on their Head Department reviews.

Yes, the minimum number of appraisal manager is at least one.