Cloud-Based Time and Attendance Software

Easy Capture of Employees' Time-In & Out

Time Attendance Software is a cloud-based software and the captured attendance data by various means will be synced real-time to the software. The software has customizable options to create multiple shift patterns with different sets of rules.

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Our Options to Capture Attendance Data

Mobile App

Mobile App (Smart Phone)

Our Mobile Attendance App real-time synced to the Attendance System. Integrated with GPS capturing and face recognition feature, employees can now clock their attendance conveniently, ensuring the right employee is at the right place of work with GPS fencing option.

Tablet App

Our App can be installed on a tablet to assist attendance clocking in the office. With face recognition, it captures approximately 20 employees per minute. Attendance data is real-time synced to Cloud Attendance System.

Biometric Machine

Biometric Machines

Fingerprint Readers and Face Recognition Readers also help to clock attendance and Data is real-time synced to our HRMS software. These face-recognition readers use facial recognition algorithms, and allow temperature detection & masked individual identification as well.

Time Attendance Software for Small Businesses

Time Attendance Software greatly benefit small businesses on the long run. No more manually check-in & -out your attendances or keep the records in a file. Just a click away to access the datas!

Key Features of Time and Attendance software

Our Time Attendance Software supports different features which allows customization and control.

Over-Time (OT)

  • Normal OT 1.0, OT 1.5, and OT 2.0 rate
  • Flat rate OT
  • Early OT calculation: overtime prior to the scheduled shift time
  • Off-set OT: Overtime adjusted against the lateness
  • Rounding OT hours
  • Minimum and maximum OT hours ceilings
  • Different OT rates after midnight work
  • Dinner break deductions
  • Pre-approve OT hours

Daily Allowances

  • Supports attendance, transport, meal, shift, health and other kind of allowances
  • Allows penalty and partial allowances deduction by many different criterias
  • Supports daily and monthly allowances computations
  • Supports weekday, weekend and public holiday computations
  • Easy parameter settings
  • Allows easy updating or edit

Working Hours

  • Supports unlimited different working patterns
  • Supports unlimited rotation duty rosters
  • Allows flexible working hours
  • Scheduling working hours group (No fixed working pattern)
  • Auto-shift (System auto-assign working hours group based on IN time)
  • Individual employee assignment of working hours group
  • User friendly parameter settings


  • Employees can request for Overtime, Lateness waiver via App
  • Attendance data seamlessly integrated to our Payroll Software
  • Allows easy housekeeping maintenance: Deleting older records
  • Audit Trial: Master user can view the changes done by other users
  • Custom Report Writer: User can generate own custom reports
  • Global Change: Updating the timings or remarks by batch
Generate your Time Attendance Reports for your Data Overview

Daily Attendance Report

Staff details of time-in and time-out, overtime, leave taken, days off/weekends, allowances etc.

Consolidated Reports

Consolidates the late-comers, early leavers, absent & those who fail to clock out.

Performance Report

Monthly & Yearly report on total hours late, absent, unpaid leave and sick days.

Working Hours Summary Report

Month end summary for lateness, overtime, allowances, deductions and leave types.

Reason Report

Reports on the type of leaves taken by employees based on the selected period.

Leave Taken Summary Report

No. of days and leave details for each employee. Leave balances and entitlements including annual leave, personal leave and unpaid leave taken.

Individual Attendance Report

Whole month details of time-in, time-out, overtime, leave taken, rest days, allowance etc. for an individual employee.

Lateness Summary Report

Only shows the late comers on that selected date.

Attendance Ratio Report

Number of employees present per day with attendance ratios.

Movement Report

Movement of any employee.

Exception Report

Reports for exceptional cases and identify odd behaviour.

Leave Consolidated Report

Consolidate the actual number of leaves days taken for every employee.

Hourly Rate Summary Report

Payroll calculation report for casual employees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can use Tablet to capture employees' clock in and clock out time. The Time Attendance Software will allow you to create shift pattern, setup work/break rules as well as viewing the attendance data in the form of MS Excel or PDF copy.

Yes absolutely. Time Attendance Software can only be accessed from the web browser therefore, you will need internet connection for it.

As long as the attendance machine, tablet or app is linked to the Time Attendance Software, your employees attendance data will be automatically recorded and updated in the software.

The time and attendance software is automatically linked to Info-Tech HRMS software.