Securities Need Secured Payroll Payments Too! 

If you look around you, security guards are mostly foreigners. Not many are willing to stand or wait around doing nothing unless there are things that need attention. Even then, the situation is often mundane, such as asking for directions or when access cards can’t be read by doors. Guards work in shifts. Depending on the place and time, their rates may differ. It can be hard to accurately determine or calculate their payrolls, especially if their security job comes from small organisations. So here’s an age-old question: Have you considered using payroll software for security guards? 

Table of Contents

  • 1.What is Payroll Software?
  • 2.Why Should I Get Payroll Software?
  • 3. More Reason You SHOULD Get Payroll Software!
  • 4. I’m Interested. Where Should I Start?
  • 5 What Makes Info-Tech A Good Payroll Software Provider?

What is Payroll Software? 

Payroll software is a tool used to calculate and administer payrolls to employees based on the rates an employer set. This software is often integrated into other software such as time attendance and leave management to ensure proper compensation is given to employees.  

And yes, payroll software is available for small organisations too! 

Why Should I Get Payroll Software for Security Guards? 

Let’s be honest:  

  • Would you like to stay in your office making calculations a few times to get them right? 
  • Do you really want to see the exact numbers, manually keep track of all the rates and slowly make your calculations when you can just automate them? 
  • Why manually handle the security guards’ payroll when you can just set up the software to do it for you? 

If you’re a person that wants to save time and hates seeing errors more than once, then payroll software is a must for your organisation.

More Reason You SHOULD Get Payroll Software!

How can automation make payroll for your security guards easier? Well, here are more benefits that you should think about: 

  • Accurate pay slips generation 
  • Calculate bonuses, expenses, over time and holiday pay with minimum effort 
  • Remove the need to understand complex tax regulations 
  • Stores payroll data into Cloud 
  • Integration to time attendance, leave and claims management 
  • No limit to how many employees you have 

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I’m Interested. Where Should I Start?

Choosing payroll software can be a bit difficult. You have to consider a lot of factors when choosing the best one such as: 

  • Cost of software: Ensure that the price is affordable or within your budget 
  • Customer service: Response rate shouldn’t take more than 24 hour 
  • Ease of use: The learning curve of the software is quick and easy 
  • Software features: Features offered by the software is what you need for your organisation 
  • Provider reputation: The payroll software provider is trustworthy and has a good reputation 

Of course, you might have other personal factors when choosing payroll software but these are the top five factors that are essential in making this choice. 

But may I suggest Info-Tech as your choice for payroll software provider?

What Makes Info-Tech A Good Payroll Software Provider?

A reputable provider with affordable payroll software pricing and around-the-clock customer service, what more could you ask for? 

Info-Tech’s payroll software can also be integrated into other software like time attendance software, leave management software & claims management and accounting software. That’s right, with each software seamlessly integrated into payroll, you don’t have to go back and forth between software and can immediately administer payrolls. What’s more, your data will be safely secured in our Cloud which enables you to access them anywhere, anytime. 

Considering taking a payroll software but not sure if it’s a good fit? How about taking a free trial of our software? The whole function of our payroll software is accessible during the free trial. So you can use it to your heart’s content and explore it. 

Who knows, we might be your favourite payroll provider! 

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